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About Us

We are a family of multidisciplinary designers who are passionate about telling stories and illustrating their ideas into the products. With over 35 years in kidswear and  We specialize in almost everything for the child in you.

Our family has been making for kids for over 30 years, and so in 2019 we decided to launch into the world of characters and expand our own universe. We now sell kidswear through Hatiti and friends sicne 2011, and Hatiti’s Universe to encourage the world of play.

We want to bridge nostalgia with whimsy with our books, we want to build imagination with wonder with our toys and hope to transcend cultural boundaries with our characters.

We love experimenting with different mediums but our top three picks are  – wood, paper, fabric that helps us create this world of play and magic. We hope to have you building your own stories with the characters we develop and ignite the world again to one not just on the digital.

What we want most is for young old, kids all to connect with the inner child: the concept of play, celebration of relationships, the joy of curiosity and the beauty of simplicity. We hope these toys can books can be passed down and the love spread to more kids!